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The EPEL repository (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) has packages that are required by other applications like Nagios XI.

Here are some guides on how to create a local copy of the EPEL repository. This allows your other servers to contact this local repository to install applications instead of going out to the internet.

Enterprise Linux has different versions. My guides focus on v5, v6 and v7.


You will need a CentOS server configured to provide the repositories, follow this guide first before continuing:

The guides I have created will reference my local YUM server as centos15 and the base directory for my repositories is /data/www/yumrpms/. DNS is setup in my environment so centos15 or centos15.box293.local will resolve to an IP address. Keep this in mind, it might be easier to use an IP Address when following my steps.

Disk Space!
Make sure your YUM server has plenty of free disk space. A single EPEL repository can consume 10GB+.