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Proxying or Double Hopping

In some scenarios you may want to monitor a bunch of machines at a remote site, for example a site that is only accessible over the internet.

So generally this means you want to monitoring multiple computers at the remote site running NPRE or NSClient++. Now being a site over the internet you will more than likely only have one IP address to connect to. Now you might think this can be a bit limiting.

One solution could be to run each NPRE or NSClient++ using a different port, and then creating firewall rules to allow the incoming traffic to each specific client. But this becomes somewhat complex and generally doesn't sound very secure.

Another solution is to have one computer running NPRE or NSClient++ and then have it contact each of the other computers to perform the checks. This is much simpler and isn't that complicated to set up. Basically it is acting as a proxy, or you could think of it as double hopping.

Here are some guides on doing this with:

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