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NSClient++ is currently the leading NPRE Client / Agent for Microsoft Windows.

There are two main versions of NSClient++ used:
  • 0.3.9
    • This version is no longer developed and is not supported by the developer
    • Still used quite a lot and often referred to as "stable"
    • Install instructions
  • 0.4.x
    • This version is constantly under development and is supported by the developer
    • Uses a different type of configuration file
    • Install Instructions
    • I strongly recommend using
      • Newer versions such as 0.4.2.x and 0.4.3.x are under heavy development and a lot is changing, the way commands are executed are vastly different and it does not all consistently work
      • I am not complaining about what the developer is doing as I believe in the long run it will be a better product, I am just pointing out that the newer versions have caused me more headaches than I would have liked
    • Also here is a separate guide to creating the nsclient.ini file from scratch (install instructions include this already)

Regardless of the version used, NSClient++ can be extremely frustrating to use at times, mainly because it is very flexible and powerful. Hopefully my sites can help you get past the learning curve and get into some interesting monitoring.